This is a little demo for libps3gui by me.  It is basically a port
of libwiigui by tantric to work with psl1ght.  To compile it, you need psl1ght,
tiny3d, libfreetype, libvorbis, libmpg123, libaudioplayer, and libogg  ( this
is made to work with the current versions as of 3/19/2011, but hopefully wont
be broken by future versions ).  The connect4 engine was written by Keith

It is intended to be used with the cursor (press L3 and use the left analog
stick to move around), but it should be mostly functional just using the d-pad.

As with libwiigui, it is licensed under GPLv2.


	I was just reminded by some peple having trouble compiling my code about
 some changes I made to my environment.  You may have these same issues, and if
 you do, here's how to fix them.

First, I am using bin2s to convert binary fies ( png, tff, ... ).  You can find
 bin2s in the devkitPPC package.  Or you can change the rule in my makefile to
 use raw2h.  I am only using bin2s because it is faster.  Using raw2h will result
 in the exact same program.

Second, in at least one of hermes' libs, he has forgotten about cpp.  ( error 
'/guisound.cpp:107: undefined reference to `.SND_GetFirstUnusedVoice()' )You can
edit the header file for spu_soundlib and add in these missing lines...

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"


#ifdef __cplusplus